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Discussion with Samueli Academy Intern - Aram Salgado

Aug 11, 2017

15 years ago, the Orangewood Foundation started the Samueli Academy, a project-based learning school designed to address the specific education needs of foster children and to increase classroom productivity. The school stresses real life problem solving, skills-based learning programs, and social capital. Now a thriving public charter school available to students in the community (in addition to foster students), Antis Roofing has an outstanding partnership with the school through an internship program that provides students with professional skills-based experiences with the company.

The true lifeblood of a company is its employees, which is why Antis committed to bringing on interns from this wonderful academy. We encourage everyone to learn from these inspiring interviews with these bright students. Following his internship, we sat down with rockstar high schooler, Aram Salgado.

Antis: Tell us about yourself, where did you grow up? Tell us about the Samueli Academy? How has it impacted your life?

Aram: I grew up in Santa Ana and am the youngest in a big family of six kids. Up until high school I went to public schools, until I was given the chance to try something different at Samueli Academy. At the Academy, I have a chance to challenge myself and grow as both a person and future professional.

The school changed my life by giving me the skills needed to succeed in the working world by offering classes such as Public Speaking and Engineering. I really like Engineering, which is a subject I’d never been exposed to before. Even if a student taking these classes does not pursue a career in engineering, there are still many help full concepts to be learned in the class such as problem solving, collaboration, and project management.

Antis: What attracted you about interning at Antis Roofing and Waterproofing? How has this internship prepare you for your future career goals?

Aram: At Samueli Academy, students participate in an internship during the summer of their junior year. So, I wanted to find an internship that would best suit my needs and interests. At the recommendation of the councilor, I checked out the Antis website and was really attracted to the fact that they worked so closely to Habitat for Humanity. So, I decided to sign up for an interview and one thing lead to the next, and now I just completed my internship.

Even in my short summer with the company, I learned valuable career skills like team participation, time management, and initiative ownership. It’s a great company and full of good people. This internship an incredible, authentic learning experience.

Antis: Walk us through what you did on your internship, what have you learned? Who did you work closely with and what did they teaching you? What skills have you learned at the Academy that you have used on your internship?

Aram: In the first few weeks, I completed a variety of projects for different departments, which gave me the opportunity to really understand how operating a business works. Ernie Basulto in Human Resources Department oversaw these first few projects, which exposed me to the human side of a company and what good management truly looks like. I came to really appreciate the way Antis looks after its employees and promotes community services.

After completing these HR projects, I worked with the production supervisor, Jose Vasquez, and organized the database of building warranties and permits. My work with the production team taught me the importance of taking the initiative and internal organization.

Finally, I volunteered with the company at a Habitat For Humanity build, where I assisted the construction workers by completing simple tasks. Overall these tasks taught me how to work independently and manage myself. This means budgeting your own time and following your instincts. Through the course of the internship, I brought skills from the Academy that helped me to succeed here. At the Academy I was thought to analyze any project or problem and see if there are any questions I have before I get started. This helped me really understand each project and allowed me to work at the best of my ability.

We're grateful to have the opportunity to work with wonderful, motivated students like Aram. He was an asset to our team and immediately picked up on our culture of giving.

What is your WHY? Insights from Charles Antis and Karen Inman of Antis Roofing and Waterproofing, on Critical Mass Radio Show

Jul 21, 2017


Given the 2017 first place in Community Involvement Award at the international Roofing Expo, Antis Roofing and Waterproofing is helping the community through their reliable services. Not only do they provide services but they also serve as leaders in the Orange County community by working with organizations such as Habitat OC and the Ronald McDonald House BOD. This week, Charles Antis and Karen Inman joined us on Critical Mass to talk more about Antis, how they are working to give back to the community, and why they value it.

Here are three takeaways from our time with Charles and Karen on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Have a “why” in your business. Building an attractive brand is about much more than building profit: it is also about finding purpose. Having a “why” behind the work your company does will draw people in, on both the consumer and employee side. Regardless of what your specific “why” is, the willingness to be direct and transparent about your philosophy makes it so much easier to answer questions, because your why dictates everything you do and say. It may take time to explore and understand the context of your firm’s “why,” but it will make all the difference in how your organization operates. With a recent declining rate in employee retention, you have to have a “why” to survive. Let purpose drive your firm, and say yes to doing more and doing better.

2. Get to the core of what drives YOU. Not only is it important to have a core philosophy as a company, it is also incredibly beneficial to have one as an individual, that reflects how you make decisions and see the world, both professionally and personally. As you brainstorm craft your core philosophy, think of it like a personal mission statement. Developing this not only serves to articulate who you are and how you operate; it also builds culture within your organization and helps guide the organization as a whole.

3. In order to grow, give more. Err on the side of generosity with all of your stakeholders, and always do the right thing. Give what you can, whether it be monetary or time, and don’t cheat anybody. Don’t forget to give to your team/employees first and foremost, as, when listened to, they will reciprocate and give back to your company tenfold. When you give, you grow…and then, once you grow, you are able to give even more because you have the resources to do so. Lead from a place of abundance, and you will attract abundance.

Listen to our full interview with Charles Antis and Karen Inman below:


Critical Mass Radio Show Podcast - Charles Antis & Karen Inman

Jul 18, 2017



Given the 2017 first place in Community Involvement Award at the international Roofing Expo, Antis Roofing and Waterproofing is helping the community through their reliable services. Not only do they provide services but they also serve as leaders in the Orange County community by working with organizations such as Habitat OC and the Ronald McDonald House BOD. Charles Antis and Karen Inman join us on Critical Mass to talk more about Antis and how they’re working to give back to the community and why they value it.

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Sustainable Brands 2017, Detroit - Charles' thoughts

Jul 14, 2017

By Charles Antis, Founder and CEO, Antis Roofing and Waterproofing

In May, I attended the annual 2017 Sustainable Brands conference in Detroit. By far the largest conference on corporate social responsibility (CSR), it was a real benchmark moment for me. Alongside business titans like Cisco, Yahoo, and others, I had the chance to talk about Antis Roofing and the everyday blue collar folks who make up our family.

In the past, community improvement meant non-profit work,but recently, companies have taken up creative giving models. From the very beginning, it was critically important to me that Antis Roofing reflect my personal values. This conference provided me with an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come as a company and the ways in which traditional sector businesses, which are often sidelined from the conversation, can play a unique role in community improvement.

I took part in two panels at the conference and was fearful that as a small business man, I couldn’t reach C-suite executives when it came to CSR. Until I realized that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to acting sustainably or doing good. Our company is small enough to take risks, to learn from our past experiences, and to work with our strategists to constantly improve our model. I came away from the panels humbled by the scale of the CSR endeavors backed by bigger companies but with a strong sense of validation of our model and the continued value of smaller, local companies.

Beyond an opportunity to tell the story of Antis and our mighty team of employees, I am thrilled that global conferences like Sustainable Brands are leading conversations around technology and the changing job market. A major CSR priority for me remains providing job and financial security to contract employees, who often become victims of crummy business models. Further, as skilled-laborers, many contract and traditional sector employees are especially vulnerable to technology-driven job replacement. This panel gave me an opportunity to place blue collar Americans at the forefront of consciousness and share our model with others. Hopefully, our peers will take up the baton.The highlight of the conference was when a person at one of the sessions who didn’t feel that purpose could be integrated into every company or every job came up to me at the end of the conference and asked me to be his mentor!

Say Namaste with Ally Antis

Jun 28, 2017

Ally Antis is our wellbeing guru! She is helping Antis employees find their center in her role as Corporate Yoga Instructor. Ally is also daughter of our Founder and CEO, Charles Antis! We sat down with Ally to learn more about her childhood (which is amazing), journey through yoga, her work helping others and how she hopes to impact the world. 

Tell us about yourself, where did you grow up? 
My name is Alexandra Tiare Antis and I grew up in beautiful southern California. My childhood was filled with many adventures, from building sand castles on the beach to visiting third world countries with my family. I attended a public school in Mission Viejo called Capo Valley High school, which is in the top 2.5% of US high schools.

Tell us about your dad and what you've seen him go through as a business owner?
My dad has always worked hard to have a stable and successful business. Even when times were tough, I remember him persevering and always looking for the next step. He definitely had his ups and downs with the company, but always went through it with an optimistic attitude. As a child through to now, I watched him turn his business into his dream job.

What do you think about the company's take on doing what's best for people?
If you’re always giving back to the people and community, then only good karma can come back your way. This company is transforming lives because it is based on giving back to the community and its employees.

How has the company impacted your life's purpose?
This company has given me a positive outlook on life. It reminds me you can achieve anything you set your mind to by living your life with a positive attitude and persevering through the hard times.

How did you get into yoga? Where did you learn about yoga?
I got into yoga when I was fifteen years old after suffering a knee injury. Before yoga, I would run miles without stretching. I was in physical therapy for three months until someone introduced me to yoga class. After my first class, I was hooked. About a year after practicing yoga, I became a certified yoga instructor at 16 years old. Yoga has taught me to live a happy and authentic life. Yoga holds a very special place in my heart and has molded me into the young women I am today.

You have been Corporate Yoga Instructor at Antis for some time now, how did that come together? How long have you been running sessions?
After completing my 200-hour Life power yoga teacher training, I needed somewhere to teach and begin my yoga career. I talked about it with my dad and we came across corporate yoga. He then gave me the opportunity to teach yoga at Antis campus, in the creative space. I have been teaching yoga at Antis for over two years now.

Thinking back on when you first started running the sessions, how did Antis employees react to yoga?
Yoga is typically taught at a yoga studio or fitness club; but not normally in an office space. In the beginning the employees seemed a little hesitant, but soon after they began to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Was it difficult to get people to take part?
It was a little bit challenging. Social media updates/posts encouraged many employees to come.

Bringing everything to present day, have you found an improvement in the wellbeing of staff?
I believe yoga helped created a positive energy and brought employees closer.

What does wellness mean to you?
In my own words, wellness means to be happy with yourself and to live a purposeful life driven by love and the connections you have with others.

Should companies explore different ways of increasing the physical and mental wellness of their employees?
Yes, they should. Increasing employee’s well-being will help create a better culture at other businesses.

You have also been involved in Habitat home and international builds, can you tell us more about these?
I did my first global village build when I was 14 years old with my dad and brother. This build was in Mongolia, a very beautiful third world country. This global village build gave me a new perspective on life and left me filled with gratitude. A couple years later, when I was 17 years old, I did another global village build in Macedonia. Taking the step to go on this build alone at such a young age helped ease me into adulthood. I went in with no expectations and came out a new person. I met some amazing people through habitat for humanity that I keep in touch with today. Some of the habitat staff even comes to the office to enjoy a yoga class at Antis campus.

How have these builds shaped your life experiences? Can you share a story or experience?
Going on these builds at such a young age helped shape me into the person I am today. In Mongolia, when we were done building the family’s home, the family was filled with so much gratitude and love. I can still remember the smile on the families face when we gave them the key to their new home. Seeing their reaction changed me to know when people come together, they can make such an impact on someone else’s life. It helped me discover that I love helping others.

Do you think the journey to building a home is as important as the end result?
Yes, I believe the journey is the most important part. You start out working with strangers and come out with lifelong friends. Because of the experiences you share together, the relationships you make on the builds are never lost.

How have these experiences prepared you for your life's journey?
These experiences help better prepare me for my life journey by showing me the secret to life, which is to give back to your community. When you give your time and effort to a community, you leave a more better fulfilled person.

What are 3 things on your bucket list?
Visit all the seven wonders of the world, teach yoga out of the country, do more third world humanitarian builds.


ANTIS COMMUNITY PARTNER OF THE WEEK: Rachelle Gillerman of the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove

Jun 27, 2017

The Boys and Girls Club of America is a world-renowned organization that changes millions of lives through programs that teach children and teens valuable skills and provide structured after-school support. This week’s community partner of the week, Rachelle Gillerman, serves as the Director of Resource Development and Marketing for the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove.

To expand youth education and mentoring programs across the country, the organization partners with private companies that value the importance of youth mentorship and passing on a sense of community to the younger generation. Antis works closely with Rachelle and other members of the organization’s Garden Grove location to impact the lives of aspiring youth, a mission that Antis also incorporates into its employment model and employee mentorship opportunities. Beyond supporting mentorship programs, Antis repaired Club roofs without charge, showcasing the potential of skills-based companies to address real problems within communities. President and COO, Karen Inman said, “We try to help as many non-profits as possible each year with our roof repair services to keep non-profits safe and dry. We also review bids and proposals non-profits have secured for best practices for those organizations that are in need of a full roof replacement.”

One of Antis’ outstanding employees, Fernando Torres, was a member of the Boys and Girls Club as a child and feels strongly about giving back to the organization through Antis’ partnership.

“Just like school and this company, the club guided me on how to make good life decisions. I joined the club when I was in elementary school down in Santa Ana. It provided me with crucial guidance on how to manage my time, act on compassion, and develop a sense of self-worth, all of which were skill sets I might not have developed otherwise.”

Many of the kids in Boys and Girls Club programs need a safe space when school is not in session. Fernando shared, “The Boys and Girls Club provided a home for my childhood.”


Please tell us about the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove is a non-profit organization that serves 6,500 youth and teens – ages 24 months to 18 years of age – a day across 18 communities, surmounting to 17,000 individuals a year. We enable young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens with a focus on academic success, healthy lifestyles and character and leadership development. We address the needs of the whole child through our Family Strengthening Division, which includes Early Learning Programs such as our Family Campus Preschool and Prevention and our intervention programs that provide access for children’s health, education and support programs through community resources.

How did you discover Antis Roofing and Waterproofing and how has the relationship between your organizations progressed?

I was attending an AFP luncheon and happened to engage in a brief conversation with Charles Antis during the reception, not realizing at the time that Charles was a member of the presenting panel. After listening to him speak, I was interested in working with his company; so, I approached Charles with a request to inspect the roof at one of our sites. Upon his arrival, he informed our CEO and myself that he wanted to bring in other partners to help repair the roof at no cost to the Club. Charles has a personal interest in our cause, continues to be involved in the daily communication, and shows a constant willingness to help, which is truly appreciated.

How has Antis’ work positively impacted your organization?

Whenever there are heavy rains, our biggest concern is that we will have to close parts of our buildings which will inevitably displace hundreds of club members. Just this past season, we reached out to Antis as there were several leaks that were continuing to worsen. Within 24 hours, Antis had two inspectors at the site to evaluate the damage. They made the repairs on the spot and even loaned us a tarp for areas that could not be repaired immediately. It was clear while hearing Charles speak, and through the company’s actions, that they value community service and work to the best of their ability to provide excellent and immediate service at a fair rate. I continue to be pleasantly surprised when Antis agrees to work with us and make every effort to collaborate with other partners to do the work at no cost if possible.

What role do you see the company playing in the growth of the Boys and Girls Club in the future?

I hope that more organizations will take note of the work Antis is doing for nonprofits. My goal is to continue our partnership even if we don’t have roof repair needs, as there are many opportunities to collaborate on joint community service projects in our growing community. This is a company with heart and with values that reflect in their professionalism and service!


Jun 06, 2017

Partners in Hope: Antis Roofing & Waterproofing

Over the past 5 years Antis Roofing & Waterproofing has demonstrated its commitment to making a difference in the world of childhood cancer by supporting PCRF. Their ongoing support is truly invaluable and is helping provide PCRF instrumental awareness, as well as many other worthy organizations.

Antis_1.jpgPassion for philanthropy begins at the top for Antis Roofing’s Founder & CEO, Charles Antis. This passion also extends down through their employees through their partnerships in the community. Charles’ motto to “err on the side of generosity,” is what drives those around him to follow his compassionate lead. It is also what activated a long-lasting partnership between PCRF, Powerstone Property Management, and Antis Roofing & Waterproofing. Partners in business, and in friendship, these two organizations recognize that it takes a team to cure pediatric cancer.

PCRF has been extremely fortunate to have partnered with Antis in many community and fundraising events.

Antis employees have also joined us as walkers, runners, and fundraisers for our annual Reaching for the Cure event. Monetarily, they have helped raise over $10,000 via in-kind gifts of its private philanthropy suite at the Honda Center. With this level of fundraising we were able to fund two of our Emerging Grants. These grants allow researchers the opportunity to launch ground breaking science and attract larger funds from the NIH. Moreover, by hosting oncology families with experiences outside of the hospital walls within their philanthropy suite, we are able to empower hope in families by sharing the work that companies like Antis are doing in the world of pediatric cancer research.

In addition, one of Antis’ greatest resources is their ability to utilize media and public relations. This kind of gift is invaluable to the growth and awareness for our organization. Antis has helped to shine a light on PCRF and what we have achieved over the years, bringing us to the attention of prospective sponsors and donors.

Finally, it is with great appreciation and respect that we count Charles Antis and Antis Roofing & Waterproofing as a leader in the fight to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Interested in being a partner in hope?

Check out the many ways you can Contribute to a Cure and get involved with PCRF and make a difference in the lives of children fighting cancer.

Accomplished Professionals Join The Antis Team!

Jun 02, 2017

Antis Roofing and Waterproofing is excited to announce the appointments of Mr. Ruben Salas as Senior Estimator and Ms. Rita Torres as the Los Angeles Region Sales Account Executive. Ruben and Rita, welcome to the Antis family!

Roofing runs in the family of our new Senior Estimator, Ruben Salas. He started out working with his uncle Joe’s roofing company together with his brothers and cousin. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, his roofing career began in 1986 during his high school years. Recently, Antis Senior Field Operations Manager, Narciso Alarcon reached out to Ruben about joining the team.

“After speaking with Narciso Alarcon, Karen Inman (President & COO) and Aaron Antis (Director of Sales), what appealed to me most is how Antis respects their employees and encourages their employees to share their ideas.”
Ruben Salas, Senior Estimator

Ruben brings over 30 years of experience in roofing so his guidance and support is priceless. Antis truly appreciates people like Ruben who align with our company’s vision and are willing to share their years of roofing experience with newer employees developing in their careers. Ruben said, “By nature, I’m a giving person so I respect and appreciate working for a company like Antis."

Ruben loves the ocean, and in the future he hopes to travel around the world snorkeling in tropical waters.

Rita Torres also comes to Antis with considerable experience in the construction industry. Her early career was in glass and plastering, and in 2006 she began working in roofing. We brought Rita Torres in to focus on the Los Angeles region as the lead Sales Account Executive. She will be integral to ensuring our clients receive the best quality of service in our emerging Los Angeles region.

Rita and Ruben had previously worked together - and Ruben recommended Rita for this new role on the Antis team!

“About 9 1/2 years ago I met Ruben on a property, and I had to get up on a roof for the first time in my life. Thank God it was Comp shingle and a 4:12 pitch. Coming down the ladder, I almost fell backward. It was pretty scary. We went out and celebrated the fact that I didn’t break my neck! Ruben also used to come up behind me and spray the air can duster at me. Every time it would make me jump, and I would laugh so hard. He got the biggest kick out of it. Just thinking about it makes me crack up.”
Rita Torres, Los Angeles Region Sales Account Executive

Antis seeks to hire energetic, fun and talented people who bring unique skills and experiences but also embrace our purpose as a company. “It was an article I read in March on Antis in the local newspaper - the Orange County Register - that got me interested in the company.” The article, “How a mission to Thailand shaped Orange County roofer’s business, charity strategy” focuses on the Antis mission, culture and purpose strategy.

Like Ruben, Rita Torres believes in the Antis mission that every family deserves to be healthy in a safe, dry home. Rita said, “It’s amazing to see the energy being put forth to not only do what is right, but also, invite, excite and give opportunities to those we associate with.

On a personal note, Rita Torres is working on a screenplay about her father’s life, and visiting family in Germany is on her bucket list.

“As a growing company, Antis is lucky to have both Ruben and Rita join our team! Not only do they bring years of experience in roofing industry but they also bring a sense of integrity and commitment to providing the highest quality services to our clients. They both have a way of making others feel comfortable and it feels like they’ve been a part of is for a long time. Of course, a quirky sense of humor helps when it comes to Antis!”

Karen Inman, President and COO

The Antis Engine: Teri Jo Cherry

May 10, 2017

Our Antis champion for this week is Ms. Teri Jo Cherry.

Teri Jo or TJ as we like to call her, is the engine of our company. Having spent over 20 years working in production and operations roles, TJ has been with us for the past three years as Business Operations Manager. Working closely with the senior team, she (like most of our team) wears many hats. As someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, she is invaluable to the continuity of our company.

“I enjoy my job but I enjoy the people even more.”

It was when she was looking for a career change when TJ came across Antis. While working as a property manager, she saw Antis (one of her vendors at the time) as a company that she wanted to work for. From the outside looking in, TJ saw potential and possibilities with us that she couldn’t find elsewhere. Our company culture is what attracted her the most.

TJ previously worked for companies with similar goals, structures and ethoses. The working environments were often tense, and focused more on individuals rather than collaborating as a team. Given her experiences working for traditional companies that focus on turning a profit, TJ valued our focus of turning a profit while making a difference in the local community.

When I speak with people who ask me what I do for a living, I tell them proudly I work for Antis, which is not just a roofing company, but a company that gives back to many great charities. Then I list them off! Most people say what a great company and it must be fun to work there, and they’re right, It is!

Looking to the future, TJ hopes to get more involved in our social efforts.

I have been to two Habitat for Humanity OC events. The second time I made sure to take my young niece and nephew. Because we (Antis) installed the roofs over homes that were dedicated by Habitat, I felt extremely humble and proud that the company I work for gave such a great gift to several well-deserving families.”

No two days are the same for TJ, things are constantly moving and her willingness to learn and adapt to situations has helped us tremendously. She finds structure in our sometimes unstructured world.

Leading with Kindness

May 05, 2017