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Accomplished Professionals Join The Antis Team!

Jun 02, 2017

Antis Roofing and Waterproofing is excited to announce the appointments of Mr. Ruben Salas as Senior Estimator and Ms. Rita Torres as the Los Angeles Region Sales Account Executive. Ruben and Rita, welcome to the Antis family!

Roofing runs in the family of our new Senior Estimator, Ruben Salas. He started out working with his uncle Joe’s roofing company together with his brothers and cousin. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, his roofing career began in 1986 during his high school years. Recently, Antis Senior Field Operations Manager, Narciso Alarcon reached out to Ruben about joining the team.

“After speaking with Narciso Alarcon, Karen Inman (President & COO) and Aaron Antis (Director of Sales), what appealed to me most is how Antis respects their employees and encourages their employees to share their ideas.”
Ruben Salas, Senior Estimator

Ruben brings over 30 years of experience in roofing so his guidance and support is priceless. Antis truly appreciates people like Ruben who align with our company’s vision and are willing to share their years of roofing experience with newer employees developing in their careers. Ruben said, “By nature, I’m a giving person so I respect and appreciate working for a company like Antis."

Ruben loves the ocean, and in the future he hopes to travel around the world snorkeling in tropical waters.

Rita Torres also comes to Antis with considerable experience in the construction industry. Her early career was in glass and plastering, and in 2006 she began working in roofing. We brought Rita Torres in to focus on the Los Angeles region as the lead Sales Account Executive. She will be integral to ensuring our clients receive the best quality of service in our emerging Los Angeles region.

Rita and Ruben had previously worked together - and Ruben recommended Rita for this new role on the Antis team!

“About 9 1/2 years ago I met Ruben on a property, and I had to get up on a roof for the first time in my life. Thank God it was Comp shingle and a 4:12 pitch. Coming down the ladder, I almost fell backward. It was pretty scary. We went out and celebrated the fact that I didn’t break my neck! Ruben also used to come up behind me and spray the air can duster at me. Every time it would make me jump, and I would laugh so hard. He got the biggest kick out of it. Just thinking about it makes me crack up.”
Rita Torres, Los Angeles Region Sales Account Executive

Antis seeks to hire energetic, fun and talented people who bring unique skills and experiences but also embrace our purpose as a company. “It was an article I read in March on Antis in the local newspaper - the Orange County Register - that got me interested in the company.” The article, “How a mission to Thailand shaped Orange County roofer’s business, charity strategy” focuses on the Antis mission, culture and purpose strategy.

Like Ruben, Rita Torres believes in the Antis mission that every family deserves to be healthy in a safe, dry home. Rita said, “It’s amazing to see the energy being put forth to not only do what is right, but also, invite, excite and give opportunities to those we associate with.

On a personal note, Rita Torres is working on a screenplay about her father’s life, and visiting family in Germany is on her bucket list.

“As a growing company, Antis is lucky to have both Ruben and Rita join our team! Not only do they bring years of experience in roofing industry but they also bring a sense of integrity and commitment to providing the highest quality services to our clients. They both have a way of making others feel comfortable and it feels like they’ve been a part of is for a long time. Of course, a quirky sense of humor helps when it comes to Antis!”

Karen Inman, President and COO