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Roofing Industry Forecasts: Roofing at the forefront of building sector growth

Mar 10, 2017

According to Report Linker forecasts, the Global Roof and Insulation Market is poised to grow around 5.1% over the next decade to a $13.9 billion global industry. With increased attention, all of which are of vital importance to Antis’ model, the roofing sector will remain at the forefront of building sector growth and international life quality improvement. Improved materials that extend the lifespan of roofs and protect against cold weather, are at the forefront of industry evolution and our company policy. In the US, demand for roofing products and innovation will rise by 4%, inspiring addition growth and need for advanced companies like Antis, leveraging their experience and research to help construction techniques to advance. We look forward to continuing to build on our role as an industry lead both in terms of quality and community engagement.